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Using the Search Filter

When you first visit Sleep Right Beds the filter should be in the 'open' state however you can open and close the filter using the link in the top right of the filter box (marked with red arrow).

Filter options shown depend on the the Category or Size you are searching and not shown on all pages.


When browsing via the 'Beds by Size' pages you will see the categories options in the filter box. You may narrow your search to individual categories or multiple categories. You will return the products from all categories selected matching your filter options. When selecting multiple categories the results will show matching products listed within any of the categories selected.


When selecting a storage option all matching products will display. You can select storage on its own, no storage on its own or both storage and no storage at the same time (or leave both blank). When selecting both options the results will display 'storage' OR 'no storage' products.

Mattress Spring Type

Mattresses, where possible, display the type of spring that is used in the construction. Some mattresses use two types of spring. When using this filter option the products returned will match either of the spring selected.


Products can be filtered matching selected features. If multiple features are selected the products returned will match all features selected ie Allergenic and Orthopaedic selected will return products that match both Allergenic and Orthopaedic.

Order and Price Range

Products can be ordered by Price Lowest (lowest first), Price Highest (highest first), Best Value, Bed Experts Rating (where rated highest to lowest).

Products can be filtered to within a required price range or all prices.