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Do I need a new bed?

It’s easy to take your bed for granted without really realising its true importance. As long as there is a bed there for us at the end of a busy and tiring day, that’s all that matters right?

Wrong. Having a bed that’s past its best can be harmful to your health. We all need good, regular and undisturbed sleep. In order to remain refreshed and active we need a bed that provides an appropriate level of firmness and support, as well as comfort. The problem is that because we don’t tend to think about our beds at any time other than bedtime it’s easy to forget about or put off buying a new bed until the problems caused by our existing bed become impossible to ignore.

In Sleep Right Beds’ expert view, you should seriously consider buying a new bed or mattress if:

You’ve had your existing bed for more than eight years.

Think about it; here’s something that you’ve used more or less every single night, for around eight hours a night, for the last eight or more years. There’s no way that your mattress is going to be as comfortable or supportive as it was even two years ago.

You wake up feeling as though you haven’t slept.

If you’ve ever woken up in the morning thinking that you feel more tired than when you went to bed, or if you have inexplicable aches and pains then you should be thinking about getting a new bed.

Your bed looks as worn out as you feel.

If your mattress is frayed at the edges, springs are beginning to poke through the material or there is a noticeable sag even when you turn the mattress over, it’s time to replace it.

You wouldn’t consider letting a guest sleep in it.

If you’d think twice about letting anyone else sleep in your bed, why on earth would you want to?

You and your partner wake each other up for all the wrong reasons.

You turn over, and they wake up. They roll over and you wake up. You roll together and both wake up. You go back to sleep, the bed makes a funny noise because it’s so old and you bith wake up again. And so it goes on. Time for a new bed.

One of the reasons people don’t replace their bed or mattress often enough is because they’re worried about the cost.  That’s why Sleep Right Beds are dedicated to making it easy for you to find the perfect bed at a price you won’t lose sleep over.