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The Different Types of Sprung Mattress

The mattress is probably the most important part of your new bed; after all you’ll be sleeping on it for the next few years, so it’s vitally important that you choose the kind of mattress that suits you best.

Outwardly, one mattress may look just the same as the next but in fact there are several types of mattress, each constructed and filled in a different way.  

Whichever mattress you buy, the outer fabric covering –or ‘ticking’ – will be similar. Designed to be durable, flame retardant and resistant to tearing the quality of the ticking will be reflected in the overall price of the mattress.

The interior of the mattress will either be constructed from a matrix of springs, from a particular type of foam cushioning or from a vinyl enclosure that can be filled with water to create a ‘flotation mattress’ or water bed.

Sprung mattresses

There are three common varieties of sprung mattress:

Open coil (a.k.a. open sprung)

In an open coil mattress the springs are arranged in rows and are connected to each other at the top and bottom by a spiral coiled wire. A stronger wire runs around the rectangular perimeter of the mattress. Typically a 5ft mattress will contain 325 coils, and open coil mattresses are available in a range of tensions which provide different degrees of support.

Continuous spring

The continuous spring mattress is formed from a single length of wire which is woven into interlinked springs running from the top to the bottom of the bed and connected vertically.  The individual coils in a continuous spring mattress are smaller than those found in an open coil mattress allowing for a greater number of springs and therefore increased responsiveness.

Pocket spring

pocket springs are individual unconnected coils each housed in its own fabric ‘pocket’. Since each spring is independent of the others, pocket sprung mattresses adapt more readily to the natural contours of the body, and reduce the likelihood of ‘roll together’ in a shared bed.

Sprung mattress fillings

A sprung mattress will be filled with a material which surrounds the coils to provide a degree of cushioning and support. Fillings are chosen according to their durability, moisture absorption and flexibility. The type and amount filling used will affect the price of the bed. Typical mattress fillings include wool, cotton, hair and foam, and in more luxurious mattresses, silk, mohair and cashmere wool.

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