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Buying a New Bed Guide

If you’re finding that the quality of sleep you receive has deteriorated noticeably over the last twelve to twenty-four months and you’ve made no significant changes in your lifestyle or sleep routine, then the chances are that you’re in need of a new bed.

Over a period of ten years a bed can lose up to 70% of the attributes which made it suitable for a comfortable night’s sleep. Waking up feeling unrefreshed, suffering from morning aches and pains and reduced or disturbed sleep are all signs that a bed needs replacing.

But with thousands of beds available, how do you begin to choose the bed that’s right for you?

Sleep Right Beds’ guide to buying a new bed can help you to make the right choice when it comes to comparing and selecting from the huge range of manufacturers and beds available through our site.

Step 1   Choosing the size of your new bed

A number of questions need to be answered when deciding the most appropriate size of bed to choose. Think carefully about each of the following:

  • How will the size of a new bed affect the available space in your bedroom? Will you need to move or remove furniture? Will you have adequate access on each side of the bed? Will you still be able to open and close the bedroom door?
  • The bed needs to be wide enough to accommodate you and your partner sleeping side by side with the minimal possibility of accidently bumping and waking each other when turning over during the night.
  • The bed should be five or six inches longer than the height of the tallest partner. Most manufacturers produced beds of a length capable of accommodating even the tallest sleeper.
  • Bed heights vary enormously. Divan beds with inbuilt storage tend to make for a very high bed, whereas wooden framed beds with slatted mattress supports can be very low to the floor.


As a rule of thumb, UK bed sizes are approximately as follows:

  • Small Single         =  75cm x 190xm
  • Standard single   =  90cm x 190cm
  • Small Double       =  120cm x 190cm
  • Standard double  =  135cm x 190cm
  • King size                =  150cm x 200cm
  • Super king size     =  180cm x 200cm


Step 2   Choosing the style of your new bed

Sleep Right Beds offers you a vast range of bed styles to choose from and compare.

It's important to choose a style of bed that reflects your personal tastes and suits the mood of the bedroom you wish to create. Bear in mind that your new bed is likely to be the centrepiece of your bedroom, and that you may be living with it for up to a decade. 

  • Wooden or metal framed beds lend a cosy, traditional look to a bedroom. With an almost limitless variety of models and colours available, you can be sure to find a wood or metal framed bed that will perfectly match the style and mood of your bedroom.
  • Leather beds speak of luxury and an appreciation of the finer things in life. Offering a comfortable and warming feel to a bedroom, leather beds are associated with quality. Thanks to Sleep Right Beds, you're guaranteed to find the luxury of a leather bed at the best possible price.
  • Bunk beds are perfect for bedrooms where space is limited. Available in wood or metal, bunk beds are ideal for kids and often include additional inbuilt storage.
  • Divan beds come in every shape, size and design and offer a practical and stylish solution for any bedroom. You can choose from divan beds with a solid or sprung base, and a with variety of different storage configurations depending upon your needs. Some divan beds even cleverly conceal an additional guest bed!

Whichever style of bed you prefer, you can be sure of finding your perfect bed at Sleep Right Beds.

Step 3   Paying the right price for your new bed

As the market for high quality beds has become more competitive, the availability and range of bedding materials has increased and manufacturing processes have improved, luxurious and stylish beds have become affordable for everyone.

Sleep Right Beds pice promise means that you can find exactly the bed you want at the best possible price - guaranteed. Our easy to use bed search and comparison facilities give you the facts and features on the UK's widest range of beds, all sourced from reliable and trusted bed manufacturers.

At Sleep Right Beds we're committed to finding you the perfect bed at the best price. That's why we're the UK's number 1 bed comparison website.