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The Benefits of Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses provide the perfect balance in terms of support and comfort. Slightly heavier than a conventional sprung mattress, memory foam mattresses are sensitive to pressure and heat, quickly softening and moulding to the contours of the sleeper’s body.  

This moulding property alleviates pressure points which can occur at the hips, pelvis or neck when using a traditional sprung mattress, significantly reducing the sleeper’s need to ‘toss and turn’ during the night in order to remain comfortable.

The relief of pressure points also makes memory foam mattresses a popular choice for anyone suffering from chronic aches and pains such as back ache, neck ache, joint pain, rheumatism or arthritis. Memory foam mattresses retain body heat, contributing to their pain relieving properties and additionally making them a good choice for anyone who feels the cold during the night.

Asthma sufferers can also benefit by making the switch to a memory foam mattress, since they are more resistant to the dust mites and mildew which can trigger asthma attacks.

Memory foam mattresses have enjoyed massive popularity in America since becoming available in the 1990s for use by the healthcare industries, and later for home use. In the last few years the UK has begun to appreciate the sleep and comfort benefits that memory foam mattresses can offer, and their popularity continues to grow.

Today, there is a huge variety of memory foam mattresses available in the UK , covering a range of sizes, densities and depths to suit everyone. Sleep Right Beds brings the widest choice of memory foam mattresses directly to you, allowing you to easily compare them and choose the memory foam mattress that’s perfect for you.